Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach: Ryan Brown

Miami Beach, FL 29 November - 4 December 2021 
Miami Beach, FL Booth C62 https://untitledartfairs.com/

The multimedia practice of Ryan Brown consistently explores the production and role of language and reflects on the meaning of art history in the context of his own art making. 


The visual template and inspiration for the body of paintings that he has been developing for the last decade has been the page from the auction catalog. Spanning in time and across art movements he gives homage to the aesthetics of Constructivism of the 1920’s, references the black square by Kazimir Malevitch and mimics the repetitive rhythm of Minimalism from the 1970’s. The text he incorporates into the work are often fragments of found narratives such as the last page of a science fiction book in the painting Visions of Earth. Brown also comments on the overcommercialization of images, how quickly we consume and dispose of them. Artworks in the market continually flow around us and it is almost impossible to digest and catch all of them.