Cecilia Juardo Chueca

This year, C.J. Chueca participated in "A Very Anxious Feeling: Voices of Unrest in the American Experience; 20 Years of the Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection" curated by Amethyst Rey Beaver and Eva Thornton at the Taubman Museum of Art; “XX (6 female Latinx artists working in abstraction)” at LatchKey Gallery in New York; ¨Landmark¨ at KM0.2 in San Juan de Puerto Rico; and Art Souterrain in Montreal with a commissioned installation curated by Dulce Pinzón at Palais des Congres. She was the July art resident at Silo6776 with Kates-Ferri Projects in New Hope, Pennsylvania. She was part of "Hay algo incomestible en la garganta. Poéticas antipatriarcales y nueva escena en los años noventa" curated by Miguel López at ICPNA-Lima. She presented last year: “The Force of Water” with Latchkey Gallery at the Core Club NYC. In 2019 she had the solo show “Somos La Noche y El Día” at Vigil Gonzales Galería; and was part of “Crónicas Migrantes, Historias communes entre Perú y Venezuela” curated by Fabiola Arroyo at MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima. In 2018 she had the solo shows: "I am the river behind the wall" at Mulherin Gallery in Toronto; and "Dos Cielos Azules/Two Blue Skies" at ICPNA (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano) for which she recently released a monograph in collaboration with Meier Ramirez and VM& Studio. Next year, C.J. Chueca will work in a public commission in the Bronx managed by Percent for Art, from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. She is currently presenting the solo show "Micaela: La Sangre de Todas" at Vigil Gonzales Galería in The Sacred Valley in Cusco - Peru.